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This is the fourth film of the ‘Matrix franchise’ to be released after nearly two decades. The story of the film is not only strong, but also relevant to today’s era.

This week is great for the fans of the world of cinema. That’s because while we got to see all three Spider-Man reunions in ‘Spider-Man’, it’s exciting to see ‘Matrix’ return on screen once again. Leather jackets, goggles, motorcycle boots, bikes… everything is back on screen. There is no doubt that you will be nostalgic as soon as you reach the cinema hall. The last time this happened was when Linda Hamilton returned in the ‘Terminator’ series two years ago. Now obviously the question arises whether the wait for ‘metrics regressions’ is justified?

For those who do not know, let us tell you that before the red light, green light of ‘Squid Game’, two capsules created panic on the screen. of blue and of red. Our life depends on our decisions. The film is the hallmark of this. More than 20 years have passed. Director Lana Wachowski showed the battle between humans and artificial intelligence. Get acquainted with the confusion of the real and the fake world. The story we saw on screen through Neo (Keanu Reeves) made us question our own existence.

Today the era has changed. We are already in the era of super intelligent machines. Artificial Intelligence is now in every house. Obviously, in such a situation, the story of ‘Matrix 4’ becomes more relevant. Lana the Wachowskis send Thomas or Neo on an exciting journey once again. A world where, to find himself, he has to move away from reality. There is no doubt that only the Wachowski’s mind can weave such a complex and bring it to the screen with excitement.

From the action choreography to the visual effects that we have seen till date in the ‘Matrix Series’, this film carries on its legacy. Especially the bullet time sequence once again leaves an impact on the audience in the film. Director Lana hasn’t focused too much on the romance of Neo and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) this time around. Rather, it has been carried forward in a philosophical manner. However, there are not many action sequences in the film due to this reason. This is something that, as a spectator, stings. You wait to see some exciting action this time too, but the film disappoints here. Apart from this, the film drags on many occasions. Due to this the wait increases.

The film reminds you of the previous films on many occasions. It keeps you connected. Program designers are aware that ‘reboot’ sells. Although, this film is a bit weak in terms of entertainment as compared to its previous movies, but it can definitely count as a good sequel.

There’s a hesitation on the screen inside Keanu Reeves. Perhaps because he himself is skeptical about whether his return to the screen as Neo is right after two decades. In the role of Trinity, Carrie truly seems more attached to her role. Seeing her, it is not realized that she is playing this role after two decades. Jonathan Groff has done a great job in the role of Agent Smith. Priyanka Chopra’s role in the film is small, but she plays an important character. Priyanka has done her job well.

‘Matrix 4’ is a sequel film that takes you to the drawing room of memories. To watch the film, you also need to have a background of the previous films. It would be better if you watch the last three films before watching this.


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