2022 beijing olympics: UK, Canada join diplomatic boycott of Beijing olympics Winter Games

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  • The number of countries that boycotted the 2022 Beijing Olympics has increased
  • China got red for boycott – openly warned three countries of dire consequences
  • US introduces law banning imports of goods made in Xinjiang

China is furious over the boycott of the Winter Olympics. After the US, now Britain and Australia have also announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics starting from February 4, 2022. The European Union has already passed a boycott resolution several months ago. In such a situation, angry China has threatened America, Britain and Australia of dire consequences.

China said – America, Britain and Australia will pay the price
China’s foreign ministry has said Australia, Britain and the United States will pay the price for their wrongdoing after they decided not to send a government delegation to the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the US, Britain and Australia have used the Olympic platform for political manipulation. They will have to pay the price for their wrong actions.

After America, Australia did China’s boycott, will not send its team to 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
America first announced the boycott
America was the first to announce the boycott of the Winter Olympics in China. The Biden administration said that the US would boycott the Wintel Olympics in protest against China’s actions to trample on human rights. Even during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, relations between the US and China deteriorated rapidly. Now the Biden administration is also maintaining pressure on China. The US and China are at loggerheads over the trade war, the origins of Kovid-19, Taiwan, the Uighurs and the South China Sea.

Australian PM gave this reason for the boycott
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his decision not to send officials to the Winter Olympics was due to human rights abuses among Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang and China’s restrictions on imports from Australia. At the same time, China has several times denied any wrongdoing in Xinjiang. China claims that the claim of human rights abuses of Uighur Muslims is fabricated and false.

China furious over America’s boycott of Olympics, said – we have not even called, we will take action
America enacted a law banning Xinjiang goods
On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives passed legislation to ban imports from Xinjiang, raising concerns about forced labor by Uighur Muslims. The House supported the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act with an overwhelming majority of 428-1. To become law, it must also pass the Senate and must be signed by President Joe Biden.

2022 Winter Olympics Boycott: European Parliament gives big blow to China, announces boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics
China furious over US law, said – we will also take action
Referring to the US action, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said that China strongly opposes it. America must stop its wrongdoing immediately. We will take necessary measures to protect China’s legitimate rights and interests. He said that America is threatening China by increasing unilateralism, protectionism in the name of human rights. GAO warned that the US stance would seriously harm the interests of companies and consumers in both countries, increase global supply chain tensions and affect the global economic recovery.


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