5 hair oils that can damage your hair

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You can use all kinds of hair oils to get beautiful hair, but some can damage your hair. Here are 5 hair oils you should stay away from!

A healthy and glowing scalp attracts attention at first glance. But we all know that getting them is not easy. You have to keep trying different methods and do everything possible to achieve your dream. And if there’s one ‘secret’ that all experts believe in, it’s hair oil. But that doesn’t mean you use anything. Some oils can actually damage your hair. So what should we do then?

We asked Dr. Jayshree Sharad, celebrity dermatologist, to help us. Know what they told us!

These hair oils that can damage your hair:

1. Mineral Oil

Once upon a time this oil was in great demand! Since it was earlier available only abroad, people used to order it from their loved ones. Well, this oil is awesome, but it also has a downside. It is often used as petroleum, white petroleum, paraffin, liquid paraffin and paraffin wax.

mineral oil side effects
Mineral oil can damage hair. Image: Shutterstock

She adds – “Mineral oil should not be applied to the scalp, as it causes deposits on the ends of the hair and loosens it, making it very flat and dull. It can also block pores, and cause a rash and folliculitis on the scalp”.

2. Lemon Oil

You may consider this hair oil to be the best, but ladies, don’t use it on your hair. This is because this oil contains a high level of acid, which contributes to its lightening and brightening properties. And if you continue to use it on your hair shaft, it can damage the hair. Hence, we request you not to use it at all, especially if you have hair fall problem.

3. Camphor Oil

Many a times it happens that a particular product is in vogue, but it does not mean that it is beneficial for everyone. This is true when it comes to camphor oil. This dries out your scalp, and leads to acne and even fungal infections.

“Many people say that camphor is very beneficial for the scalp, but it can actually irritate the scalp and cause allergic reactions and rashes. Hence, applying camphor oil is not advised,” says Dr. Sharad.

So ladies, we suggest you avoid camphor oil altogether!

castor oil
Castor oil is harmful for hair. Image : Shutterstock

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil is another oil that should be avoided even though everyone talks about its benefits. The problem with using this oil on your hair is that it can cause hair felting, which is a hair disorder. This further leads to frizziness and frizziness. So by now you must have known that it needs to be avoided!

5. Coconut Oil

Dr Sharad says, “Coconut oil nourishes the scalp, and conditions the hair. But there is not enough evidence to prove that they cause hair growth.”

In some cases, it causes protein build-up and prevents moisturization of the scalp. This makes your hair dry and tough and it means that your hair may also fall out.

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