55 feet long sea monster of dinosaur era found in America, size of head surprised even scientists

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A team of scientists in America has discovered one from the time of dinosaurs. The length of this creature has been seen up to 55 feet. The name of this creature is ichthyosaur, which is a type of marine fish. Research has shown that the size of these fish-sized marine reptiles increased very rapidly about 240 million years ago. The size of the head of this creature has been measured to be 6.5 feet.

This creature grew faster than the whale
Senior researcher Lars Schmitz, associate professor of biology at Scripps College in California, said in his study that ichthyosaurs increased their size much faster than whales. That too at a time when creatures like dinosaurs were rapidly becoming extinct from the earth. He called it a big discovery for scientists and said that it could lead to many revelations related to the development of life on Earth.

Fossils were discovered in Nevada
Researchers first discovered fossils of ancient ichthyosaurs in 1998 in the rocks of Augusta Mountains in northwestern Nevada. Some of these bones were found protruding out of the rocks. Scientists inferred from this that the size of this creature was quite huge. In the year 2015, scientists excavated this fossil site completely, in which the skull of this creature, small parts of the type of floating fins were found in the water.

Research done at the Natural Science Museum in Los Angeles
The report, published on December 23 in the famous journal Science, states that these fossils were taken to the Natural Science Museum in Los Angeles. Scientists made a 3D model of this creature and analyzed the fossils. The team named the new species Cymbospondylus yangorum. This large jawed marine reptile lived during the Triassic period, 240 million years ago.

Its skull length was 6.5 feet
Researchers said that the length of the skull of this creature has been measured to be 6.5 feet. A full grown Cymbospondylus yangorum has measured up to 55 feet in length. During its survival, this creature weighed up to 45 tons. Scientists said yangorum lived in the Panthalassic Ocean off the west coast of North America. Given its size and length of teeth, scientists speculate that it ate small fish.


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