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Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is based on true events. It is the story of a sprinting athlete who, after reaching the top of her career, gets embroiled in controversies. She is given a secret gender test. This story is of real life athlete Dutee Chand. Dutee’s career came into controversy when her body was found to have more testosterone. This hormone is found more in men. But in the midst of this controversy, will Rashmi of the film fly like a rocket or will she be defeated by fate? The film is the hallmark of this. The film also narrates the fight against prejudices, conspiracies of sports and society regarding female athletes.

Rashmi hails from Bhuj in Gujarat. This small town girl runs at the speed of a bullet since childhood. Rebel at heart. She often clashes with boys. The dark complexion and masculine style make him different from other girls of his age and also force him to distance himself. But in the midst of all this, he has such a talent, due to which he is different. is special. She runs like a cheetah. Her family members support Rashmi a lot. Especially mother Bhanuben (Supriya Pathak), who is as stubborn as Rashmi. Rashmi moves on. Runs a lot and represents India in Asian Games. Everything is going well, but then something happens in his life that shatters his career, morale, identity… all in a jiffy. A gender test and the question whether Rashmi is a girl?

‘Rashmi Rocket’ is different from any other sports drama film. In the climax of this film, no one wins on the field or in the ring. Nanda Periyasamy has written a story that keeps you tied to a chair. Anirudh Guha’s agile screenplay has made this story even better. Director Akarsh Khurana not only keeps the audience hooked, but also compels you to keep an eye on every detail of the film. That too from beginning to end. The special thing about this sports drama film is that it also has courtroom drama. A battle has to be won there too. The court debate in ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is very special and relevant too. Yet, as the film progresses, nowhere does it sound to you as too patriotic as too much preaching. However, there have been occasions where you wonder if in real life, like in the film, such privileges are given to women athletes who have faced such problems.

Of course, this is an ideal situation. The film proves that how such women should get a chance to lead a normal life and listen to their views. Especially when after just one test, not only does his career end, but he is also made a subject of mockery and discrimination.

Taapsee Pannu has once again proved with her physical and mental preparation that she can mold into any form. She has been successful on screen both in celebrating Rashmi’s victory and narrating her pain. However, the way her complexion has been shown to be darker due to makeup, it seems a bit fabricated.

There are many character actors in the film, who do their job well. Priyanshu Painyuli has made a mark in the role of a supportive husband. He looks cute. A husband who is not only in love with his wife, but stands by her every moment. Abhishek Banerjee also looks good as Rashmi’s lawyer. Her character is a bit goofy, but she is determined. Supriya Pilgaonkar fits on screen as a judge. Mantra’s character as Rashmi’s coach is also praiseworthy.

Music by Amit Trivedi and lyrics by Kausar Munir add up emotionally. However, the background score in the courtroom scene seems a bit off. The canvas of the film is not very grand, but it looks fair according to the screenplay. The crowd of spectators in the stadium and the long shots fill you with enthusiasm as an audience.

Overall, ‘Rashmi Rocket’ lives up to all the dimensions. From the lead character to the supporting role, the powerful performance of all the actors make it better. The film not only entertains the audience, but also gives information about an age-old practice, how and what should be left behind in the race against inequality and prejudice.


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