act of war: UK CDS Admiral Sir Tony Radakin says Russia cutting underwater cables could be an act of war

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  • Britain’s Chief of Defense Staff expressed concern over Russia’s growing power
  • CDS said – if Russia cuts the communication cable, it will be considered as an act of war
  • Tension is already going on in European countries and Russia regarding Ukraine

Britain has now threatened Russia with war after a submarine and warship collided in the Arctic Ocean. Britain’s Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Sir Tony Redkin has warned that if Russia cuts critical underwater communications cables it will be considered an act of war. This warning has been given just before the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. In this, Western countries will ask Russia to guarantee the security of Ukraine.

British CDS said – Russia is increasing power
Speaking to The Times, British CDS Sir Tony Redkin expressed concern that Russia has made an unprecedented increase in submarines and underwater activities in the last 20 years. This can put the real time communication system of the whole world at risk. On the basis of this, Russia can also blackmail countries around the world.

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Emphasis on developing hypersonic missile
He also highlighted the importance of Britain developing hypersonic missiles to compete with Russia. We have not got such weapons and we need them a lot, he said. He also said that there is “deeply worrying tension” on the border between Russia and Ukraine. The admiral said he had also suggested military options to the British government in case Russia invades Ukraine.

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Russian submarine collided with British warship
The UK Defense Ministry has claimed that the HMS Northumberland (Type 23 frigate) Er collided with a Russian Hunter killer submarine while tracking it in late 2020. The collision hit the warship’s sonar system. The incident was recorded by the TV crew of UK Channel 5 during the shooting of a show. During this, the crew of the warship had spoken of hitting the submarine.

Britain’s war-like situation with Russia and Corona positive, CDS, two army chiefs including Defense Minister, Quarantine
Britain deployed weapons in Cyprus
Britain has deployed AWACS or Airborne Early Warning and Control System aircraft at its Air Force Station Akrotiri in Cyprus. These aircraft are monitoring the airspace of Russia by flying from Cyprus. AWACS are a very important part of modern warfare. As long as ground-based radars can spot attackers, fighter planes, cruise missiles, and drones, they find them before they can. Apart from this, they can easily differentiate between enemy and friend fighter planes. With their help, every movement of the enemy can be monitored.


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