Afghan professor calls Taliban intelligence chief stooge of Pakistan, arrested: Taliban arrested Afghan professor for criticizing

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  • Taliban arrested its outspoken critic Professor
  • Professor told Taliban a puppet of Pakistan
  • Professor’s wife has contested the election of Afghan President

The Taliban has arrested a popular professor at an Afghan university for criticizing himself. Professor Faziullah Jalal used to openly criticize the Taliban’s radical regime on social media and on TV shows. He has blamed the Taliban for being a puppet in the hands of Pakistan and for the deteriorating situation in the country.

Taliban said – Professors were provoking people
Confirming the arrest, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that Professor Faziullah Jalal was detained by the Taliban’s intelligence unit. Zabiullah said that he has been arrested so that others in the name of being a professor or scholar do not make such foolish remarks which hurt the dignity of others. The Taliban also claimed that they were inciting people against the government.

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Professor Jalal was a vocal critic of Taliban
Professor Faizullah Jalal has participated in several television talk shows since the Ashraf Ghani government was ousted from power in August. In this, he blamed the Taliban for the worsening financial crisis in Afghanistan. They also condemned the use of force by the Taliban regime on Afghan civilians. This is the reason why the Taliban got displeased with his words and arrested him.

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Told Taliban a puppet of Pakistan
Since returning to power, the Taliban have cracked down on ongoing discontent in Afghanistan. The Taliban was the first to forcefully disperse the women’s protest and have detained several Afghan journalists. There have also been reports of several journalists being beaten up. The Taliban have also shared several screenshots of Professor Jalal’s purported tweet. In these tweets, the professor had described the Taliban intelligence chief as a puppet in the hands of Pakistan. He also accused the Taliban government of treating the citizens of the country as donkeys.

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Jalal’s wife has contested the presidential election
Jalal’s wife Masuda has also contested for the post of President of Afghanistan. She shared a post on Facebook saying that her husband has been arrested by the Taliban and imprisoned at an undisclosed location. He said that Dr Jalal raised his voice for human rights and fought for the national interest. Lal’s daughter Haseena Jalal tweeted and pleaded for the release of her father. She said that I am confirming this disturbing news. I have requested for the immediate release of my father Faziullah Jalal.


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