Afghans sell kidneys: UN warns Afghanistan is facing tsunami of hunger

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  • People forced to sell kidney due to poverty in Afghanistan
  • Afghans are selling even children to save them from dying of hunger
  • Taliban still dreams far away, giving food grains in return for work

The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating after the occupation of the Taliban. The situation in Kabul has become such that people are ready to sell anything to buy bread for two times. A recent report has claimed that people in Afghanistan are forced to sell their children and even kidneys to keep themselves alive. In such a situation, earlier infamous for the smuggling of drugs like opium, now it is becoming a market for humans and human organs.

People selling children and kidneys
As reported by The Mirror, a large number of people in Afghanistan have sold their organs. Earlier, many parents suffering from poverty and starvation had sold their children under compulsion. Urologist and kidney transplant surgeon Dr Nasir Ahmed claims to have performed 85 kidney transplant operations in the last 12 months.

FILE PHOTO_ UNHCR worker pushes a wheelbarrow loaded with aid supplies for a displaced Afghan family outside a distribution center on the outskirts of Kabul.

One kidney being sold for 4.25 thousand
Donor and buyer can settle for 600000 Afghanis for kidney transplant in Afghanistan. In Indian rupees, this amount is about 4 lakh 25 thousand rupees. In this, the cost of kidney is decided on the basis of blood group. On an average, the cost of a kidney is 1.5 lakh rupees. Apart from this, hospital expenses, medicines and operation fees are charged separately.

Afghans selling kidneys by risking their lives
Surgeon Dr Nasir Ahmed’s partner and internal medicine specialist Dr Ahmed Shakib said that those who are selling their organs are also at risk of losing their lives. He said that most of the people who sell their kidneys due to financial problems will face health problems due to kidney deficiency in the long run. Kidney donation culture is not common in Afghanistan. Most of the kidney donors are suffering from financial problems.

FILE PHOTO_ An Afghan woman walks on the street during a snowfall in Kabul.

Taliban giving wheat in return for work
To reduce this crisis, the Taliban has vigorously implemented a meal for work program a week ago. Wheat donated from other countries is being given as salary to the workers working in the public sector in Afghanistan. The United Nations has also appealed for 3.2 billion pounds to help Afghanistan.

Taliban trashed Kabul, people selling clothes-bed-beds on the streets to fill their stomachs
Unemployment and poverty worsened the situation
According to Tolo News, the number of people selling goods on the streets of Kabul has increased significantly due to poverty and unemployment. Most of the people in Kabul have no money left to buy food. The vendors said they would have to do something to find a piece of bread for their families. Since there are no jobs, they are forced to sell goods on the streets.

Taliban News
The situation in whole of Afghanistan is very bad
According to the Pazvok News website, the situation in the whole of Afghanistan is very bad. People are not even getting treatment in hospitals. Not only this, even medicines for common diseases are not available in the shops. Due to the stagnation of imports from outside countries, there has also been a shortage of food items. In remote areas, people are adopting old methods like barter.

EU Afghanistan Hunger.

People forced to sell kidney in Afghanistan


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