After corono, florona, know what is this new disease, due to which Israel is in panic

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The coronavirus pandemic has proved that in a globalized world, no crisis is limited to just one country. Now that the first case of Florona has been confirmed in Israel, it is important for everyone to be alert.

The world was just recovering from the fear of corona virus infection that the new variant Omicron started spreading very fast. Scientists were busy gathering information about this new infection that another new infection is coming from Israel. Which is being called “Florona”. A myth is becoming increasingly viral on social media among people that this is also a new variant of corona virus infection. Although it is not so at all. So what is this Florna after all? Let us know in detail about this infection which was found in Israel.

This double virus found in pregnant woman of Israel

This infection has been found in a pregnant woman in Israel, which is the first to end the vaccination campaign and is a mask-free country. It is being described as a mixed form of corona virus infection and influenza. According to the news published by a private newspaper in Israel, Floraona is a double infection. It was found when the woman was admitted to the hospital to give birth to the child.

Floreona is a combination of corona virus infection and influenza. Image: Shutterstock

What is florona infection?

According to media reports, this is a new disease or a new cause of corona virus infection. There is no variant. However, this is also a type of virus, which has arisen due to the simultaneous occurrence of corona and influenza. This is a double infection, due to which it can prove to be twice as dangerous as corona virus infection. Not much concrete information has been revealed about this yet. However, after the corona epidemic in the world in March 2020, such a case has been seen for the first time.

Know the symptoms of florona

  1. pneumoniae
  2. respiratory troubles
  3. Tiredness
  4. myocarditis

Can Florna become an epidemic?

Influenza virus can be fatal to the human body. Whereas the devastation caused by the corona virus is not hidden from anyone. On the one hand, while the corona virus affects the respiratory system, on the other hand, influenza virus can cause serious diseases like pneumonia and myocarditis.

pehli baar mila florona
In 2020, this kind of case has been seen for the first time after the corona epidemic in the world. Image : Shutterstock

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the florona can spread very rapidly. Let us tell you that the cases of influenza virus are also very high in Israel. In the last week, 1849 patients are undergoing treatment. At the same time, scientists say that the wave of Omicron will be at its peak in Israel in the next 3 weeks.

Health Ministry appealed to the government

Due to getting this infection in Israel, the concerns of the Ministry of Health are increasing very fast. The Health Ministry has recommended to the government that individuals above the age of 6 months be given influenza vaccine that is safe even with the corona vaccine. There is a possibility that there may be more cases of Florna in the country, which have not been identified yet.

what can you do

influenza ki lien vaccine
Defend yourself with an influenza shot. Image: Shutterstock

To prevent any infection, be it corona or florona, it is very important to take precautions and get the vaccine. Our body needs enough antibodies to fight the virus. Influenza virus also has a vaccine. Which has been recommended to the government by the Ministry of Health of Israel. Apart from this, maintaining social distancing, using masks, avoiding crowds, and sanitizing your hands are essential to avoid infection.

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