After Omicron, Delmicron knocked, understand what is this new variant of Kovid-19

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The family of the Kovid-19 virus continues to grow. Amidst the plans for Christmas and New Year parties, a new variant Delmicron has knocked.

Scientists of the world were not yet able to gather information about Omicron completely. At the same time, another new variant has knocked. This new variant is being known as Delmicron. Since the name of Delmicron surfaced, discussions are intensifying whether this new form of Kovid-19 can knock in India too? Because the Omicron variant is already gaining momentum in India.

What is Delmicron, the new variant of Kovid-19?

The cases behind which Omicron is being understood in America Well, now Delmicron is being held responsible for them. The Delmicron variant is a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants. Which is spreading its feet even more rapidly.

coronavirus third wave
The third wave of coronavirus can affect children. Image: Shutterstock

This variant is part of the same family of Omicron SARS-CoV-2. This variant is B., which has been mutated. Just like the Delta variant became Delta Plus. According to media reports, its first case was reported in South Africa itself.

How are the symptoms of this variant? Will the vaccine work?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently said that the Omicron variant is spreading very fast. So far it has reached 106 countries of the world. According to the initial data that has been received, the vaccine will be effective on this too.

Whereas experts say that it is not possible to say anything as of now due to less data of the Delmicron variant. It is just being told that its symptoms are less than the delta variant. Experts are currently waiting for the data to gather more information.

Except for the World Health Organization, the US-based Center for Disease Control has not yet issued any official statement regarding the origin of the new infection. The National Task Force for COVID-19 and ICMR in India has also not used the word Delmicron yet.

Who gives name to any virus?

Any virus is recognized by the global health body of the United Nations and then named after it. There is extensive consultation and review of several possible naming systems to name the variants. After which looking at its symptoms, it is included in the list of variant of interest or variant of concern.

delmicron variant ke kya hain lakshan
Kovid new variants are becoming a matter of concern. Image : Shutterstock

However, there is no case of presence of this variant in India so far. But experts have already expressed apprehension about this. The spread of the delta was much greater in India, which caused the second wave of the coronavirus.

That is why it is necessary to avoid foreign trips, crowds, parties.

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