After traveling in space, now Japan’s businessman Meizawa wants to go round the moon

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  • After traveling to space, now we will visit the moon
  • Businessman Yusaku wants to go round the moon
  • Yusaku Meizawa, one of Japan’s biggest businessmen

Tokyo (Japan)
Japan’s billionaire businessman Yusaku Meizawa, after spending 12 days in space, now wants to go on a trip to the Moon. For this, he has also tied up with Tesla company owner Elon Musk’s ambitious project Startship.

Now Meezawa will invest in business related to space
Businessman Yusaku Meizawa had wanted to enter the space travel business for many years. After all, he has confirmed this by tweeting from the International Space Center. The billionaire businessman announced his entry into space business by tweeting ‘Space Now (now Space)’.

Want to go to the moon after space
Yusaku Meizawa addressed a conference of foreign correspondents in the capital Tokyo on Friday for the first time since returning from space. In the press conference, he said that ‘there is a lot of potential in the business related to space’. However, Yusaku Mizawa had already returned to Earth before Christmas. Now I want to go to the moon. Yusaku Meizawa, 46, left for space on December 8 in the Russian spacecraft Soyuz. He is the first person to travel to space as a tourist since 2009, having covered the entire cost of his trip himself.

Investment plan in NASA and JAXA projects

Yusaku Meizawa is the owner of a company called Start Today. They are planning to invest in various projects of the US Space Research Institute National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Japanese businessman also plans to invest in the project of his country’s space agency JAXA and other institutions.


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