airbus a340 plane lands on antarctica: airbus a340 aircraft landed on antarctica for the first time ever video viral: airbus a340 plane lands on antarctica for the first time watch video

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  • Airbus A340 plane landed in Antarctica for the first time
  • So far only airplanes from selected countries have reached Antarctica.
  • The plane landed on the runway made of ice, the flight was full from Cape Town

Cape Town
Flight is considered the fastest means of travel in the world. At present, hundreds of airlines from different countries are providing flight service to almost every corner of the world. However, access by air services to the seventh continent, Antarctica, has so far proved difficult. Only selected pilots and aircraft in the world have been successful in reaching this inhospitable and deserted area. Now the name of Airbus A340 has also been added to this episode. For the first time in history, an Airbus A340 plane has landed in Antarctica.

Antarctica is the most inaccessible continent in the world
Antarctica is such an inaccessible continent, where so far only airplanes from selected countries have made their reach. Antarctica is the least populated continent in the world. The continent is usually home to about 4,400 people in summer and only 1,000 in winter. These people are accommodated in research stations and tourist camps of different countries. Logistics are also supplied regularly through chartered cargo jets to meet the daily requirement of the people.

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Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica on November 2
Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica for the first time on 2 November 2021. This plane took off from Cape Town, South Africa and reached Antarctica in five and a half hours, traveling 2500 nautical miles. This aircraft is operated by the Portuguese company Hi Fly. The luxury campsite Wolf Fang had chartered bookings for the plane to go to Antarctica. Logistics and letters were delivered from this plane to the company’s campside in Antarctica. The plane was filled with enough jet fuel to reach Antarctica and return from there.

Pilot told the challenges of landing
According to Carlos Mirpuri, Vice President of Hi Fly and the captain of this historic flight, the 3,000-metre glacier runway had special arrangements made to ease jet brakes. Rubber tires can slip easily on snow, so special coatings and grooves were made on them. More dangerous than landing the plane on this surface is the dazzling light returning from the blue ice, he said. This prevents the pilots from seeing anything on the ground.

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Only expert pilots can fly
Each flight from Capetine took five-and-a-half hours, and the team spent just less than three hours on land, covering 2,500 nautical miles in Antarctica, he said. Despite not technically being an airport, the blue-ice runway at Wolf’s Fang’s camping site is designated a Sea Level Airport. This means that only highly specialized crew can fly there due to the challenging conditions.

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The first flight reached Antarctica in 1828
The first recorded flight to Antarctica was in 1928 from a Lockheed Vega 1 monoplane. The aircraft was piloted by an Australian military pilot and explorer, George Hubert Wilkins. He took off from Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands. The project was financed by wealthy American publisher and business tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Such short exploratory flights gave scientists and cartographers important information about the topography of Antarctica. To date, no airport has been built on Antarctica, but 50 landing strips and runways are in place.


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