September 25, 2021
Alia Bhatt secret of glowing sk Ariel Natarajasa

Alia Bhatt Secret of Glowing Skin: Alia Bhatt’s secret of glowing skin and beautiful hair is Ariel Natarajasan, know its benefits

Alia Bhatt Secret of Glowing Skin:

Alia Bhatt secret of glowing sk Ariel Natarajasa

Alia Bhatt Secret of Glowing Skin:

Alia Bhatt takes special care of her skin and hair, so that they look even more beautiful. The secret of her glowing skin and beautiful hair is yoga practice. Yes, Alia practices yoga regularly to keep herself fit. Often she shares her pictures and videos on her Instagram doing different types of yoga poses. Recently, Alia’s celebrity trainer Anushka has shared a picture of Alia on her Instagram page, in which she is seen doing Aerial Natarajasana. Alia is seen performing this difficult yoga pose very well. Performing Aerial Natarajasana or Dancer’s Pose has special benefits for the skin and hair. Anushka has also told the secret of Alia’s glowing skin and beautiful hair to this special posture. Know, the benefits of Aerial Natarajasana (Aerial Natarajasana Benefits in english)…..

alia bhatt secret of glowing


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  • Benefits of Aerial Natarajasana on Skin and Hair (Aerial Natarajasana Benefits for Skin and Hair in english)
  • Regular practice of Ariel Natarajasan removes the symptoms of toxicity, which gives a natural glow to the skin.
  • Additionally, aerial yoga reverses gravity, which keeps the face healthy and oxygen flowing.
  • By doing Ariel Natarajasana, the chest is widened. Makes the body flexible. Removes tension from the spine.
  • It helps to stretch the body. Able to do body alignment properly.
  • Removes stiffness, pain in the waist and shoulder.

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