Aliens Weapons : US Professor Claims That Asteroids Are Missiles Of Aliens That Will Be Used To Attack On Earth

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  • Aliens can use asteroids in space as a missile
  • American professor made many shocking claims in the interview, said – humanity will end
  • Said- Aliens can target Earth’s nuclear weapons with laser or special weapons

Giant asteroids present in space are a potential threat to the Earth. We have got evidence of this in history when many asteroids have caused havoc on the earth. But a professor claims that aliens can use asteroids as a destructive weapon and with their help destroy all the resources on Earth. Professor specializing in changing methods of warfare has claimed that UFOs can spy on Earth before attack.

Professor Paul Springer of the US Air Command and Staff College in Alabama made these startling claims during an interview with Sun Online. The Pentagon published a report in June that dismissed the aliens’ claims. Professor Springer said that there is something in the sky that America cannot explain. Springer believes that if there was an attack, it would be similar to what Europeans did on the Americas 300 years ago, when resources ran out and indigenous peoples were wiped out.
The first month of 2022 will be full of ‘explosion’, 5 asteroids as big as ‘bus’ moving towards the earth
Asteroids can target nuclear weapons
The professor’s claims did not end there. He said that aliens can be nomadic and spy on planets to hide their essentials. Springer said that Earth’s nuclear weapons can be eliminated by using lasers and special weapons such as asteroids. Apart from this, the weapons of aliens can be some extremely dangerous viruses that can eliminate the human population and clean the earth.

What will be the priorities of the army
How to avoid attacks from aliens? On this question, the professor said that the army will have two priorities – the first is to protect its existence and the second is to take possession of the aliens and their technology. NASA has informed that in the first month of 2022, five giant asteroids will pass close to the Earth. These include a bus-shaped asteroid that will reach close to Earth in the first week of January 2022.

Asteroids passing close to Earth in January
According to the report of Inverse, this asteroid will pass near the Earth on 6 January 2022. It is being told that due to this there is no possibility of any kind of danger to the earth. The name of this asteroid is 2014 YE15, whose diameter is 42 feet. Its size is smaller in comparison to the asteroid that constantly passes close to the Earth. It will be at its closest distance from Earth on 6 January 2022. During this, there will be a difference of only 74 lakh km between the Earth and the asteroid.


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