Always remember the three words ‘request, thank you, sorry’ in marriage, Pope Francis said on family troubles increased by the epidemic – always remember the three words urge, gratitude and forgiveness in relation to marriage pope francis

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Pope Francis has said that some family problems have increased due to the corona virus epidemic, but married people should always remember the three words ‘insist, gratitude and forgiveness’ in relation to marriage. A letter from Francis to the married couple was released on Sunday, the day of a Catholic celebration in memory of Jesus’ family.

The Pope wrote in the letter that the lockdown and segregation had given families the opportunity to spend more time together, but this forced living often tests the patience of parents and siblings and in some cases causes trouble. is formed. Francis wrote in the letter, ‘The troubles already prevailing have increased, causing conflicts. In some cases these conflicts become unbearable. Sometimes there is a situation of separation in the relationship.

He wrote, ‘The breakdown of marriage is very painful as many hopes are lost and misunderstandings lead to conflict and this pain cannot be easily overcome. Children have to face pain seeing their parents apart. The Pope said, ‘Remember, forgiveness heals every wound.’ The Pope said to always remember three important words regarding marriage: ‘Insist, Gratitude and Forgiveness.’


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