America: Trump calls Biden insecure dictator… Capitol Hill clashes again on the pretext of attack anniversary: ​​America capitol hill building violence anniversary donald trump calls joe biden an insecure dictator

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  • Biden spoke on the anniversary of the attack on Capitol Hill
  • Trump’s ‘web of lies’ a threat to American democracy
  • Former President Trump calls Biden an insecure dictator

January 6 was the first anniversary of the attack on America’s Parliament building ‘Capitol Hill’. Former President Donald Trump and his aides had also expressed their intention to speak openly and for the same purpose had also announced a press conference. The attack took place on January 6 last year.
On the occasion of the anniversary, Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris addressed the people of the country. But former President Trump canceled the press conference. Later issued a statement calling Biden an ‘insecure dictator’.

Donald Trump accused of spreading lies
At the same time, President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the anniversary of the attack on the US Parliament building ‘Capitol Hill’. During this, he attacked former President Donald Trump fiercely. Biden accused Donald Trump of spreading lies. He said that it is true that former US President Donald Trump created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. He has done this because he values ​​strength over principle. His arrogance means more to him than democracy or the Constitution. Trump’s web of lies is a threat to America’s democracy. A year ago, he had put our Constitution in danger by attacking democracy.

Trump showers political shells on Biden
Whereas, on the next day i.e. on January 7, a long statement was issued by Trump. He said his name was being used by his political opponents, including President Biden, to try to further divide America. He said radical leftists in Washington don’t care about American democracy. All they care about is the control over you, the money to own and be wealthy. He went on to say that the worst for him is that the American people are seeing the ‘right’ through their fake media program. They see a cynical politician who entered office promising unity but is now doing the most divisive work. Discrediting his political opponents as domestic terrorists, as do insecure dictators in communist countries.

what happened in the capitol hill building
The Capitol Hill building was attacked on 6 January 2021. A pro-Trump crowd gathered at the White House to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election. The mob ransacked the Parliament building. More than 100 people were injured in this. After this, five people including four police officers of the Capitol were killed. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said January 6 was one of the darkest days of our democracy.


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