Amrullah Saleh News: Taliban destroy Pakistan fencing in Afghanistan border

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  • Taliban uprooted Pakistan’s cordon on Durand Line
  • Former Vice President Amrullah Saleh told ISI and Taliban conspiracy
  • Taliban wants to prove itself as a big patriot among the people

After the occupation of Afghanistan, Taliban fighters are now furious on Pakistan over the Durand Line. Recently, in a viral video, Taliban fighters were seen uprooting Pakistan’s cordon on the border. The leader of these fighters said that they did not accept the Durand Line. The Taliban even threatened Pakistan with war. After which it was feared that in the coming days there could be a dispute between Pakistan and Taliban regarding the border. Now former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has made a shocking disclosure about the reasons behind this incident.

Amrullah Saleh told ‘real game’
Amrullah Saleh is currently hiding at an unknown location for fear of a Taliban attack. He tweeted and wrote that in some video footage, the Taliban were filmed removing the Pakistani-made barricades. He claimed that this is a ploy of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Through this, Pakistan is trying to prove the Taliban as the biggest benefactor of Afghanistan. ISI is doing the work of the dead Mullah Haibatullah itself, so there is no need for fencing on the border.

Taliban does not believe in Durand Line
Afghanistan’s majority Pashtuns and Taliban have never considered the Durand Line as an official border line. Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s top spokesman, said soon after the occupation of Afghanistan that the new Afghan government would announce its stand on the issue. He had claimed that Pakistan-made fencing has separated people and divided families. We want to create a safe and peaceful environment along the border, so there is no need to create barriers.

Durand Line Explained: What is Durand Line, why Taliban does not agree? War threatening to Pakistan
Durand Line is the legacy of the British-Soviet Union Great Game
The Durand Line is a legacy of the Great Game of the 19th century between the Russian and British Empires. The then fearful British Empire used Afghanistan as a buffer zone to avoid Russian expansionism in the east. The Durand Line was signed on 12 November 1893 between British civil servant Sir Henry Mortimer Durand and the then Afghan ruler Amir Abdur Rahman.

Video: Pakistani army’s air came out in front of Taliban, then ran away leaving behind the goods
How was the Durand Line formed?
Abdur Rahman was appointed King of Afghanistan in 1880, two years after the end of the Second Afghan War. In this war, the British army had captured a large part of the Kingdom of Afghanistan. Abdur Rahman was made the king of his own will by the British. After which his agreement with Sir Durand in 1893 determined the boundaries of his and British India’s areas of influence on the Afghan border with India. Then the present Pakistan was also included in India.

Amrullah saleh Afghanistan

Amrullah Saleh, Taliban and Imran Khan


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