Anti Women Law News : These Countries Have Anti Women Laws Responsible For Bad Condition Of Women Including India And USA

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  • Women facing ‘anti-women laws’ in many countries of the world
  • Right to demand child from victim after rape in many places in America
  • Even in India, the wife does not get justice after raping her husband, many countries included in the list

There are many countries in the world where even in the 21st century, women have to fight for their rights. However, in Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, women are now at par with men for financial support and to attract tourists. But the struggle of women still continues in different parts of the world. The irony is that even in developed and developing countries like America and India, some laws remain the biggest trouble for women.

Right to demand child from victim
Anti-women laws exist even in developed countries like America. Here in some states, after rape, a man can demand a child from the victim under the rapist parental right. This law is the biggest trouble for thousands of women in Maryland, Alabama, Mississippi, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Mexico.
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raping husband is not a crime
In about 49 countries of the world, if the husband rapes the wife after marriage, then the law does not consider it a crime. These include India where society too seems divided against such matters. Under the law in India, a person convicted of a heinous crime like rape is punished with life imprisonment or death. But if the husband rapes his wife, then there is no provision for punishment against him.

Husband’s permission required before going abroad
In Iran, women are required to get their husband’s permission before going abroad. According to the law here, women have to get the husband’s signature on the documents before going abroad.

Marriage valid at the age of 10 years
Child marriage is a legal offense in India but not in Sudan. Here it is considered legal for girls to marry after the age of 10 years. This is the reason that one out of every three girls in this country is married under the age of 18, which completely ends the childhood of innocent girls.

Domestic abuse removed from the category of crime
Russia is a powerful country in the world but the law here is very weak for women. Domestic abuse against women is not considered a crime in Russia. Parliament voted overwhelmingly in 2017 to decriminalize domestic abuse against women. Its side effects are also being seen. According to statistics, every 40 minutes a woman loses her life because of her husband.
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Freedom to kill in the name of honor
In Jordan, it is still given in the name of perceived respect for women. This means honor killing is legal here. According to the law, if a woman is murdered out of respect for the family, then the accused can get exemption from punishment.

Husband’s approval mandatory for job
In Turkey, women have the right to work outside the home, but for this they have to take permission from their husbands. If the husband does not want, then women cannot do jobs in Turkey and this is the reason that only 29 percent of the population of women in the job sector is here.


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