Archaeology News : American Scientists Found Marine Skull Harger Than Human Body Known As Earth First Giant Animal

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  • Large skull found from man in America
  • Skull of a creature about 25 million years old
  • Skull length stated as 6.6 feet
  • Earth’s first giant animal found

Nevada (USA)
A skull bigger than a man has been found in America. Its length is 6.6 feet. Its size is said to have been 20 meters (65.6 ft). This organism is said to be 246 million (246 million) years ago.

Found a skull larger than a man’s length
Researchers in Nevada have discovered a new species of a marine reptile. Which has a huge skull, which is similar in size to the human body. It is being told that this creature lived in the sea about 250 million years ago.
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The first creature to occupy the earth!
Scientists have made shocking guesses through this sea skull. They believe that this giant animal may be a representative of the creature that first took possession of the earth. Scientists have found ancient fossils of a new species of aquatic reptile named Cymbospondylus youngorum, which dates back to the early stages of the dinosaur era.
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Shocking Research in Nevada’s Augusta Mountains
Shocking to the world, this discovery was made in the Augusta Mountains of Nevada, which showed that this creature is a new type of ichthyosaur about 246 million years ago. As New Atlas reports, the researchers examined it after coming across a well-preserved skull that measured 6.6 feet in length.

Ruled the sea for 15 million years
It is being told about this creature that it was capable of growing at a high speed. It ruled the sea for about 150 million years. According to research published in the journal Science, they were in different sizes. But some of these were more than 20 meters (65.6 ft) in length.


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