Archaeology News : Ancient Volcano Eruption Two Million Times More Powerful Than Hiroshima Archaeologist Discovers Bones Of Dogs And Humans

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Archaeologists have found some thousands of years old bones that appear to be of a teenager and a dog who died after being hit by a ‘tsunami of fire’. The Thera volcanic eruption between Greece and Turkey about 3,600 years ago is one of the most terrifying natural disasters in human history. Archaeologists have unearthed some post-explosion fossils. NASA says that thousands of years old that explosion was two million times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

According to the Dailystar report, researchers said that in 1600 BC, waves of fire had swallowed countless lives. At that time it was difficult to count the dead bodies scattered on the ground. Vasif Sahoglu, an archaeologist at the University of Anker, published his team’s findings in the western Turkish city of Cheshme. Scientists said that the Egyptians could see the plume emanating from the volcano.
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Humans and dogs bones will reveal many secrets
Archaeologists began excavations in Chesme a decade ago after builders reported some Bronze Age ruins. Talking to Live Science, Sahoglu said that the human and dog bones discovered will help us a lot. Now we will be able to detail everything very well. Experts say human bones show that he was just 17 years old when he was hit by a tsunami of lava.

Human and dog were not together at the time of death
Despite the dog’s remains being found with a 17-year-old teenager, archaeologist and study senior co-author Beverly Goodman-Chernov says there is nothing to suggest the two were together at the time. Sahoglu said other scientific tests would be conducted on the remains, including DNA analysis, to better understand humans and dogs.


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