Archaeology News : Discovery Of Ancient Hercules Temple From 9th Centaury Traveled By Julius Caesar

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  • Scientists discover ancient 9th century Hercules temple in Spain
  • The famous dictator Julius Caesar also visited the Hercules temple
  • The flame of the lamp was constantly burning in the pillared Hercules temple

An ancient temple is located in the Gulf of Cadiz, Spain. Ancient Greeks and Romans are believed to have visited here, including the famous dictator Julius Caesar. These people prayed to the god Hercules for strength. Now archaeologists feel that they have discovered the ruins of this mythical temple. In ancient documents, this temple has been mentioned as the ninth century BC. It is known as the Temple of Hercules Gaditenus.

Using Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) researchers from the University of Seville in southern Spain have found traces of a monumental building in the Sancti Petri Channel. This technique uses a remote sensing method to probe the Earth’s surface by firing lasers at the ground and measuring the time the reflected light returns to the receiver.
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The lamp used to burn continuously in the temple
The team has identified a rectangular structure 984 feet long and 492 feet wide. It is the same size as the island where the temple was once located. The temple of Hercules Gaditanus is said to have been a ‘pillared temple’ in which a flame kept burning continuously. The priest living here used to burn it day and night. The images on the pillars depict the twelve laborers of Hercules, carved in bronze.

Oldest Buddhist temple found in Pakistan
Earlier, a 2,300-year-old Buddhist temple was discovered by a joint team of Pakistani and Italian archaeologists in north-west Pakistan. Along with this some other valuable artifacts were also found in the excavation. This temple was found in the Buddhist period Bajira town of Barikot tehsil in Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. This temple is said to be the oldest temple of the Buddhist period in Pakistan.


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