Archaeology News Latest : Archaeologist Discovers 18000 Years Old Evidence That Proves Ancient Humans Raised Cassowary Birds First

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  • 18000 years ago, ancient humans used to feed cassavari birds
  • Shocking revelations revealed in the investigation of ancient eggshells
  • Giant extremely dangerous bird cassavary can take human life

The Stone Age began about 26 million years ago. It was during this period that humans started using stone tools. It was a long period and lasted till 3330 BC. After this the Bronze Age started and gradually modern civilization came on the stage. Although we have enough information about ancient humans, it is still difficult to make accurate estimates about the specifics of their daily lives. But a new research has made this difficult easy.

The researchers found that humans in New Guinea were raising cassowary chicks as far back as 18,000 years ago, and that they were well-fed as adults. This suggests that chickens are not the oldest domesticated birds of humans. Cassavari is a giant bird that cannot fly. These birds are mainly found in Australia, Aru Islands and New Guinea. Three species of cassowary bird are included in the 10 largest birds in the world.
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can take someone’s life
In research published in BBC Science Focus magazine, researcher Christina Douglas explained how dangerous Cassavari can be and how ancient humans may have raised it. He told that this is a huge bird which cannot fly but can kill a human. Its smallest species weighs 20 kg. Even today their chicks are traded on a wide scale. The special thing is that if the chick first sees a human, then it follows him as his mother.

Egg shells revealed
Researchers studied eggshells from 18,000 to 6,000 years ago to find out how old the embryo inside was when they were broken. Douglas said the fossils show that humans collected and raised them from birth. They were probably bred to use the meat or feathers of birds. The researcher said that this behavior of humans dates back thousands of years before raising chickens.


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