Archaeology News: Oldest Buddha Statues Ever Found In China Linked To The Eastern Han Dynasty Says Archaeologists

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  • A 2200-year-old copper statue of Lord Buddha has been found in China
  • This is the oldest Buddha statue of its kind in China, built in the Gandhara style.
  • This Buddha Statue Has Been Removed From a Group of Ancient Tombs

A 2200-year-old copper statue of Lord Buddha has been found in China. It is the oldest Buddha statue of its kind in China. This idol has been taken out from a group of ancient tombs. These tombs belong to the Eastern Han Dynasty. Buddha is seen in the form of Shakyamuni in one of the idols. He is standing on something and is wearing a cloak. Apart from this, another idol has been found in which 5 Tathagatas are present.

This statue of Lord Buddha is 200 years older than the oldest statue of Buddha found earlier in China. These are made in Gandhar style. This style developed between the 1st century and the 7th century BC in the area of ​​present-day northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. This area was earlier a stronghold of the Gandhara style. It is being told that this ancient statue of Buddha has been found in Shanxi, the northwestern province of China.
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So far 16000 cultural remains found in excavation
The world famous Terracotta Army was found in Shanxi province itself. These life-size soldiers’ sculptures were discovered in the 1970s. According to Chinese media, the latest excavations have been done between June 2020 and November 2021. During this, 3648 ancient tombs have been found, which were built between 475 BC to 221 BC. It was built by the kings of Waring to Qing dynasty.

Li Ming, who led the excavation of the site, says that most of the tombs in the tombs belong to the king’s relatives, senior officials and guests. So far 16000 cultural remains have been excavated from here. It includes two idols of Lord Buddha. The idol of Shakyamuni is 4 inches high and the idol of Tathagata is 6 inches high. They are made from copper. It is believed that the period of Lord Buddha was between 600 to 400 BC.


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