Arthur Killed By Dad And Stepmom : Step Mother Brutally Murders Six Year Old Child By Salt Poisoning Attacked By Salt And Abuse In Prison

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The six-year-old boy was murdered by his stepmother but the news of the murder is not as flat as it sounds. When Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ stepmother arrived at the prison, she was abused and attacked with ‘salt’ by other inmates. The stepmother has been found guilty of brutally thrashing a six-year-old boy before killing him. According to reports, he had used poison in salt for the murder.

Emma Tustin (32) first tortured the innocent, then poisoned her and sentenced her to stand facing the wall till her last breath. On Friday, he was convicted of murder for repeatedly banging the child’s head against the wall. After the court’s decision, fellow inmates in Tustin’s prison abused her and threw salt at her, Wells Online reported. However, people’s anger against stepmothers is not new.
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Fear of suicide haunting step mother
During a hearing in April 2021, Tustin’s lawyer said his client was receiving “threats”. There is said to be a risk of suicide with Tustin. He was rushed to the hospital after the jail staff worried about his health. Tustin’s lawyers have written to the prison governor urging him to make appropriate arrangements for his health and safety.

Traumatic death due to brain damage
Tustin was in a relationship with Arthur’s father, Thomas Huegel. Hügel has been found guilty of murder for actively promoting violence against his son. Tustin tried to blame Arthur for the injuries on the child’s body and lied to the police on 999. Tustin killed Arthur on June 16 last year. He was taken to the hospital with a serious head injury where he died in the ICU due to brain damage.


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