Asteroid Apophis 2029: Apophis Asteroid 30X Powerful Than Mankind Largest Nuclear Bomb To Zoom Past Earth Says Russia Scientists

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  • Russian scientists have said that the Apophis asteroid is coming by the end of this decade
  • This Apophis Asteroid Is 30 Times More Powerful Than Earth’s Largest Atomic Bomb
  • Asteroid Apophis or ‘God of Destruction’ will pass very close to Earth in April 2029

Russian scientists have said that by the end of this decade an asteroid 30 times more powerful than Earth’s largest atomic bomb is coming very close to our planet. Scientists have recently calculated that the asteroid Apophis or ‘God of Destruction’ will pass very close to Earth in April 2029. Earlier it was estimated that this asteroid will pass in the year 2068 but in the latest calculations it has been found to be wrong.

Russian scientists said that this huge celestial rock Apophis will pass through a distance of 39 thousand km from the surface of the earth. According to Sputnik’s report, this is the same distance where satellites are currently installed for broadcasting channels on TV. How powerful Apophis is, it can be gauged from the fact that if it hits the Earth, it will have an effect equal to the explosion of 88 million tons of TNT. This asteroid is 1,115 feet wide and is moving very fast towards the Earth.
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Asteroid heating up in sunlight
Apophis, the god of destruction, is bigger than the Eiffel Tower in France. The Apophis asteroid was discovered on June 19, 2004 by the Arizona Observatory, USA. Since then, scientists have been watching this asteroid. The researchers had earlier detected Apophis through the Subaru telescope and after analysis found that it had picked up speed. It was found that the asteroid is heating up in sunlight. NASA has termed this asteroid as the third biggest threat.

Scientists say that when this asteroid comes near the Earth, then more information will be available about it. He said that it is clear that the asteroid is not going to hit the earth. It will pass safely near the earth. The coming of Apophis to the Earth is a very important event in itself because it will be the first time that such a dangerous and huge asteroid is coming so close to the Earth.
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Earth’s satellites and space stations will also be safe
Scientists said that Earth’s satellites and space stations will also be safe from this asteroid. The Apophis asteroid is made up of nickel and iron, and the radar image shows that it is continuously elongating. Its shape is now becoming like a peanut. However, the researchers also said that more analysis is still needed. Earlier research was being said that the probability of colliding with this asteroid is only 2.7 percent.


Asteroid, the god of destruction approaching Earth


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