Asteroid News : According To NASA Five Huge Asteroids Are Approaching To Earth To Pass By In January 2022

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The field of space will be full of surprises in 2022. Some of these may be good and some may be ‘dangerous’. NASA has informed that in the first month of 2022, five giant asteroids will pass close to the Earth. These include a bus-shaped asteroid that will reach close to Earth in the first week of January 2022. According to the report of Inverse, this asteroid will pass near the Earth on 6 January 2022.

It is being told that due to this there is no possibility of any kind of danger to the earth. The name of this asteroid is 2014 YE15, whose diameter is 42 feet. Its size is smaller in comparison to the asteroid that constantly passes close to the Earth. It will be at its closest distance from Earth on 6 January 2022. During this, there will be a difference of only 74 lakh km between the Earth and the asteroid.
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This bus-shaped asteroid is primarily part of the Aten asteroid that orbits the Sun between Earth and Mercury. According to NASA, another asteroid that is more than 150 meters in diameter and is about to pass 7.4 million km from Earth, could be a potential threat. In comparison, 2014 YE15 is a smaller asteroid so it is not a threat.

Not one or two but five asteroids are moving towards us.
However, if it comes directly towards the Earth, then it can be a danger because if such a large-sized asteroid collides with the Earth, then it can cause havoc in that part. The list of asteroids that surprises scientists is still long. Asteroid 2020 API will pass close to Earth on 7 January, which is the size of a car. Its estimated size is 13 feet and its distance from Earth will be 17 lakh km.

Apart from this, Asteroid 2013 YD48 is also expected to pass close to Earth on January 11. The estimated size of this asteroid is 340 feet and its closest distance from Earth will be 5.6 million km. Apart from this, Asteroid 2021 YK on January 2 and 2021 BA on January 18 will be at the closest distance to Earth.

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