asteroid to hit earth 2022: A dangerous asteroid moving towards Earth

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  • Asteroid bigger than Britain’s Big Ben moving towards Earth
  • NASA told – the length of this asteroid is more than 104 meters
  • Earlier, 17 meter long asteroid has wreaked havoc in Russia

A dangerous asteroid is moving rapidly towards Earth. The US space agency NASA has compared its length to the famous London clock tower Big Ben. This asteroid named 013 YD48 by NASA will pass very close to the Earth on January 11. The eyes of space scientists around the world are on the movement of this asteroid.

This asteroid is 104 meters wide
According to NASA’s Asteroid Watch Dashboard, the celestial body named 2013 YD48 is about 104 meters tall. Three other asteroids will fly close to Earth before reaching the closest to Earth. The sizes of these three asteroids are being told around 3 to 12 meters. Despite being small in size, these celestial bodies are capable of causing great destruction on the earth.

Asteroid three times bigger than the Statue of Liberty, NASA warns
17 meter long asteroid wreaked havoc in Russia
In 2013, a meteorite 17 meters tall fell in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The power of this meteorite was so great that it damaged more than 7000 houses in the area. Due to this meteorite hitting the Earth, there was a loss of more than 33 million dollars. That too in an area where the density of population is very low compared to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

NASA News: Asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower moving towards the Earth, NASA said it is dangerous
NASA’s eye on asteroids coming closer to Earth
NASA has included all these asteroids in the list of Near Earth Objects. NASA launched the Near-Earth Object Program in the late 20th century. Its purpose was to search for such celestial bodies, which can come close to our Earth’s orbit. So far, NASA has discovered more than 20000 such celestial objects, which have been included in the list of Near-Earth Objects.

Asteroid reached ‘a few’ km away from Earth and scientists did not realize why?
What are asteroids after all?
Asteroids are rocks that revolve around the Sun like a planet, but they are much smaller than planets in size. Most of the asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. Apart from this, they keep moving in the orbit of other planets and revolve around the sun along with the planet. About 4.5 billion years ago, when our Solar System was formed, such clouds of gas and dust that could not take the shape of a planet and were left behind, were transformed into these rocks i.e. asteroids. This is the reason that their shape is also not round like the planets. No two asteroids are alike.

Asteroid bigger than Burj Khalifa moving towards the earth at a speed of 17700 kmph
NASA’s eye on asteroids up to 100 years
If a high-speed space object is likely to come closer than 46.5 million miles from Earth, then space organizations consider it dangerous. NASA’s Sentry system already monitors such threats. In this, for the coming 100 years, there are currently 22 such asteroids which have the slightest chance of hitting the Earth.

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