Astronomers witness explosion in space: The bomb was ticking in space for 130 days! Terrible explosion in a star 10 times bigger than the Sun – astronomers witness explosion in supergiant red star for the first time 10 times bigger than sun

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Some rare occurrences of space are seen only with great luck. Astronomers have seen a dying red supergiant star for the first time. The star ceased to exist with a terrifying explosion and turned into a supernova, which scientists have seen with binoculars. The team, led by researchers from Northwestern University and the University of California, examined it during the last 130 days of the red supergiant, at the end of which it died.

The results of the recent discovery provide important information about this rare phenomenon. Before observing this phenomenon, astronomers believed that red supergiant stars are relatively cool before they explode into supernovae. This research has been published in The Astrophysical Journal. The researchers said that the behavior of stars becomes completely uncontrollable in their last time. The study’s lead author, Wynn Jacobson-Gallen, said: “This is a major breakthrough in our vision for understanding what happens before massive stars die.

The star was 10 times bigger than the Sun before the explosion
He said that for the first time we have seen a red supergiant star die. This star was discovered due to the enormous amount of light emanating from the red supergiant. Scientists have seen a star 120 million light-years away from Earth in the NGC 5731 galaxy transform into a Type-2 supernova after a dramatic explosion. Scientists said that before the explosion, this star was 10 times more massive than the Sun. It exploded after burning hydrogen, helium and other elements in its womb.

Scientists were watching for 130 days
According to a CNN report, the unusual activity of the star was first detected by astronomers 130 days ago. The University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy Pan-STARRS Telescope detected a bright radiation in the summer of 2020. After some time researchers got to see a supernova at the same place. The investigation revealed that when the star exploded, its material spread all around.


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