Attack On Sikh In US: Unknown Person Attacked Sikh Taxi Driver Of Indian Origin And Dropped His Turban

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  • An unidentified man attacked an Indian Sikh in New York
  • Man thrashed Sikh taxi driver outside airport
  • Punch and turban thrown at Sikh, revealed in Twitter video

New York
Outside the John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in New York, an unidentified man attacked a Sikh taxi driver of Indian origin, toppling his turban and using offensive language against him. The incident has come to light in a video uploaded on social media. This is another suspected case of racially motivated hate crime in the US.

Navjot Pal Kaur uploaded a 26-second video on Twitter on January 4, in which a man is seen attacking a Sikh taxi driver outside the airport. Kaur said another person standing at the airport had recorded the video. This video is of any date, its information has not been given. In the video, the person can be seen using objectionable language against the victim. He is seen repeatedly beating and punching the Sikh man in the video.

Sikh man’s turban fell in a fight
It is seen in the video that he also toppled the Sikh man’s turban. “The video was shot by another person at John F Kennedy International Airport,” Kaur said. I did not record this video, but I wanted to highlight the fact that hatred still prevails in our society and unfortunately, I have seen many Sikh cab drivers being assaulted several times.
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‘Sikh’s turban falling, it is difficult to describe in words’
Further information about the incident or the driver is not available at this time. Simran Jeet Singh, author and director of the Inclusive America Project at the Aspen Institute, tweeted: “Another Sikh cab driver attacked. This time it happened at JFK Airport in New York. Very sad to see this. He said, ‘For those who are not Sikhs, I cannot explain in words what it means to see a Sikh’s turban being dropped or what it feels like to see another Sikh’s turban being taken down.’

This is not the first incident of an attack on a Sikh taxi driver in the US. Even before this, a Sikh Uber cab driver of Indian origin was attacked in 2019. Apart from this, a 25-year-old Sikh cab driver was also attacked in New York in 2017.


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