Australia-Japan made the biggest defense deal against China, is India lagging behind? – australia, japan made biggest defense deal against china, is india lagging behind

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  • China’s tension increased due to Australia-Japan defense agreement
  • Questions arising from India’s non-participation in any such agreement
  • China is rapidly increasing military capability, has created the largest navy

Australia and Japan have signed a major defense deal to deal with China’s growing aggression. The agreement allows the armies of the two countries deep access to each other’s airbases, ports, logistics and infrastructure. This deal is likely to help in balancing power in the Indo-Pacific region, as China is rapidly increasing its military capability.

India is not involved in any military organization against China
India is most at risk from China’s increasing aggression in the Indo-Pacific. Tension between India and China has been going on in Ladakh for the last one and a half years. China is further provoking the matter by setting up villages on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and infiltrating along the Sikkim border. The increasing presence of Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean is also a matter of concern for India. In such a situation, India is also expected to strengthen defense cooperation with the rest of the anti-China countries of the world.

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Will India not be alone in the Indian Ocean?
Due to the defense deal signed between Australia and Japan, the armies of both countries can also accelerate training, exercises and operations together. In such a situation, if there is a war with China in future, then both the countries together can take effective and swift retaliation. China also knows that without India it can easily keep these two countries busy in the Pacific Ocean. In such a situation, there is a possibility of India falling alone in the Indian Ocean region.

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India’s strategic interests cannot be served by Quad
Many experts believe that India’s strategic interests cannot be protected due to the Quad. The speed of the Quad is very slow compared to the speed at which China is increasing its capacity. The Quad remains a civilian faction so far and is likely to remain so in the near future. In such a situation, to stop China, India needs such defense allies, who help during difficult times without caring about their own benefit.

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Japan had made such an agreement only with America.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida signed a mutual access agreement at a conference online. This is the first such defense agreement signed by Japan with any country other than the US. The agreement was reached after more than a year of talks between Japan and Australia. Its purpose is to eliminate legal barriers, to allow soldiers from one country to enter another for training and other purposes.

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Australia told Japan the closest friend
Morrison said that Japan is our closest partner in Asia, as demonstrated by our special strategic partnership. It is an equal partnership, a shared belief between the two great democracies, committed to the rule of law, human rights, free trade and a free and open Indo-Pacific region. Kishida also described the agreement as a historic instrument that would take the security cooperation between the nations to new heights. There was no mention of China during this time.


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