baby lost in afghanistan airlift: Baby handed to US soldiers in chaos of Afghanistan airlift found in Kabul

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  • Relatives found missing child lost during stampede in Afghanistan
  • At the airport, the father handed over the soldiers to save them from the crowd.
  • The child was not found inside, the family had to leave for America empty handed

The child seen in the picture was separated from his family at the age of two months during a stampede in Kabul. This innocent was handed over by his father to American soldiers to save him from the crowd present at the airport. Along with the soldiers, the child’s family also went to America, but this child was separated from them and remained in Afghanistan. Caught in the midst of ongoing chaos, violence and looting in Afghanistan, this child is finally back to his relatives. The person crying in the picture is said to be a close relative of the child.

The child went missing from Kabul
According to a Reuters report, this child, named Sohail Ahmadi, went missing from Kabul on August 19 at the age of just two months. This incident happened when thousands of Afghan citizens were desperate to leave their country and take refuge abroad after the withdrawal of American troops. The situation around Kabul Airport had deteriorated so much that American troops had to fire in the air and use tear gas to control the crowd.

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Taxi driver took care of the child
This child was found by a 29-year-old taxi driver at Kabul airport. The taxi driver took this child to his home and took full care. After nearly two months of negotiations and negotiations, the Taliban police have finally handed over the child to his family. Only the relatives of this child are left in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. They are very happy to have the baby back.

The child’s parents are in America
He said that the parents and siblings of this child are currently in America. He was taken to the US on humanitarian grounds after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul. The family also said that they would try to reunite the child with his parents and siblings. The child’s father, Mirza Ali Ahmadi, worked as a security guard at the US Embassy in Kabul. His wife Suraiya was afraid that her son might get crushed by the crowd present near the airport.

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Father gave the child to the soldier at the airport
The child’s father had earlier told Reuters that he had handed over his 2-month-old to a uniformed guard at airport security. He said that he looked like an American soldier in uniform. He hoped that after entering the airport, this child would be found back to them and they would be able to catch the flight to America easily. But, at the same time, Taliban fighters stationed outside pushed the crowd back and it took him, his wife and four children more than half an hour to get inside. But, till then this two-month-old baby was not found anywhere.

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child not found inside airport
Ahmadi said he did a lot of searching for his son inside the airport. After which US officials told them that the child could be taken out of the country separately and reunited with them later. After which Ahmadi along with his wife and other children left for America from there. For months they did not know where their son was.


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