bangladesh sheikh hasina modi goverment us: Why America is messing with Bangladesh, friends of India, will increase crisis for Modi government- US Hostility Towards Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Should Worry India Modi Goverment Says Experts

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The relations between India and Bangladesh are getting better after Sheikh Hasina became the Prime Minister. Recently, President Ram Nath Kovind also visited Dhaka on the occasion of Bangladesh’s independence. On one hand, relations between India and Bangladesh are touching new heights, while India’s friend America is angry with the Sheikh Hasina government. America is continuously taking strict action against Bangladesh, which can also become a threat to India. Let us understand what is the whole matter…..

Indian External Affairs Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla recently said that the relations between India and Bangladesh are scaling new heights. In the midst of this deepening friendship, America is constantly taking action against Bangladesh, which even India cannot ignore. America’s anger against the Sheikh Hasina government was seen when it did not invite Bangladesh to a meeting of world’s top leaders on democracy. On the contrary, America called Pakistan where the army is indirectly ruling.
Kali temple was demolished by Pakistani army in Bangladesh, President inaugurated
US sanctions against top officers of Bangladesh Police
Not only this, Pakistan gave a big blow to the Biden administration by rejecting the invitation of the US President to please China. There are constant attacks on the shrines of Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, but still the Biden administration had sent a call to the Imran government. Immediately after this summit, America banned 15 people and 10 organizations from many countries. Out of these 15 people, 7 are also top officers of Bangladesh Police. Not only this, the US visa of former Bangladesh army chief General Aziz Ahmed was also canceled. General Aziz was accused of corruption and having links with criminal elements.

The US has not given any statement on this. Analysts believe that with this move of America, the opposition which believes in Islamic ideology in Bangladesh may once again be inspired to protest. On the other hand, due to the sanctions against police officers in Bangladesh, other police officers can now refrain from taking strong action against the protesters taking to the streets to topple the Sheikh Hasina government. Meanwhile, police officials say that strict action by the police is the only option to deal with the violent demonstrations on the streets by radical Islamic organizations.

Fundamentalists do propaganda against India and Hindus
These Islamic fundamentalists believe that the Sheikh Hasina government does not believe in religion and can be brought down by street protests and terrorist attacks. For this reason, Sheikh Hasina had to deploy a large number of security forces to stop the attack against the Hindus. These fundamentalists keep spreading propaganda against India and Hindus. He describes the ruling Awami League party as the birthplace of India. They treat minorities in the same way as the Pakistani army did before 1971.

Well-known author Laurence Lifschulz believes that the US intelligence agency CIA was involved in the 1975 insurgency in Bangladesh. Many members of the family of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were killed in this. In this, two daughters of Bangabandhu were saved, out of which Sheikh Hasina is currently the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. In the last days of Bangladesh’s military rule, the US wanted to build a military base in Bangladesh, but after coming to power in 1996, Sheikh Hasina rejected this US military base. Sheikh Hasina said that she would not allow a country that was responsible for her father’s murder and was opposed to Bangladesh’s independence.

For India, following America’s footsteps is a cause of trouble
Experts say that the situation in the year 1971 has changed now. China has become as close a friend of Bangladesh as India is. Sheikh Hasina is doing a very risky job of balancing India and China. America is also angry with Sheikh Hasina for increasing friendship with China. This is happening at a time when India is a strategic partner of America and if the Biden administration takes action against Sheikh Hasina, then India will not be able to oppose it vehemently. Not only this, after the arrival of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, India does not want that the crisis on its eastern front also increases. This can greatly harm the interests of India. The Sheikh Hasina government has resolved India’s security concerns to a large extent by taking comprehensive action against the militant groups operating in the Northeast. Not only this, Bangladesh is also giving a way to go to the Northeast. In such a situation, Bangladesh will become a problem for India to follow the footsteps of America.


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