Benjamin Netanyahu News: Israel to remove security details for Netanyahu family: Israel to remove security details for Benjamin Netanyahu family

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  • Israel lifts security for Benjamin Netanyahu’s family
  • Government car and driver also called back
  • Government said – Netanyahu’s family is not in danger

Israel’s parliamentary committee voted on Sunday to no longer provide security to the wife of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and their adult sons. This decision will be effective from Monday. Netanyahu has said several times that his family has been receiving death threats. Despite this, the committee took this decision.

Netanyahu will get facilities as the leader of the opposition
Naftali Bennett was sworn in as Israel’s prime minister in June, ending 12 years of Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister. Parties of different ideologies formed an alliance for the new government. Netanyahu is now the leader of the opposition and he is provided security by the government.

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Ex-PM’s family gets six months security
Under standard procedures, a former prime minister’s family is provided with a vehicle with security and a driver for the first six months after the end of his term, but a ministerial committee in January extended the limit to a year at Netanyahu’s insistence. Had given. The same ministerial committee on Sunday accepted the recommendation of the Shin Bet security service to reduce the security cover to six months again. He said there was no imminent danger to Netanyahu’s wife or their children.

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Netanyahu’s troubles increase in corruption case
Netanyahu’s former spokesman Nier Hefetz has become the main prosecution witness in the trial. His testimony is seen as crucial in connection with the charges against Netanyahu. However, former Prime Minister Netanyahu, now playing the role of Leader of the Opposition, has denied doing anything wrong. He has termed all the allegations as false and baseless.


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