Big Archaeology Discovery in Pakistan: Archaeologist Discovers Oldest Temple Of Buddha Period In Pakistan With Lots Of Many Other Treasure

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A 2,300-year-old Buddhist temple has been discovered by a joint team of Pakistani and Italian archaeologists in north-west Pakistan. Along with this some other valuable artifacts have also been found in the excavation. This temple has been found in the Buddhist period Bajira town of Barikot tehsil in Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. This temple is said to be the oldest temple of the Buddhist period in Pakistan.

In this regard, a senior official said, “Pakistan and Italian archaeologists have discovered a temple of 2,300 years old from the Buddhist period during joint excavations at a historical site in northwest Pakistan. Apart from this, other priceless artifacts have also been recovered which are not less than any treasure. This temple found in Swat is older than the temples found in Taxila, Pakistan.
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More archaeological sites can be found
In addition to the temple, archaeologists have also recovered more than 2,700 other Buddhist artifacts, including coins, rings, utensils and material written in the Kharoshthi language from the time of King Minandar of Greece. Italian experts have expressed confidence that more archaeological sites can be found during excavations in the historic city of Bajira in Swat district. Italian Ambassador to Pakistan Andre Ferraris told reporters that the archaeological sites in Pakistan are very important for different religions of the world.

Sun temple was also found in Egypt
Earlier, the biggest success was achieved in the last 50 years in the hands of archaeologists in Egypt, famous for the pyramids. Archaeologists have found one of the 6 missing sun temples of the ancient Egyptian king Pharaoh. This Sun temple was found during excavation in a desert area of ​​the country. The first such Sun temple was found in excavations about 50 years ago. These temples were built to give the status of a god to King Pharaoh while he was alive.


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