bilawal bhutto lashed out imran khan condom tax: ‘playboy’ imran khan imposed tax on condoms

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  • Bilawal Bhutto Zardari attacked Imran Khan government in Parliament during mini budget
  • PPP leader Bilawal said that Imran Khan government is going to bring a ‘tsunami of tax’
  • He said that PTI also taxed condoms which was not expected from ‘Khiladi’

Pakistan’s main opposition PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Wednesday attacked the Imran Khan government in the country’s Parliament during the mini budget. Bilawal said that the Imran Khan government is going to bring a ‘tsunami of tax’. He made a personal attack on PM Imran Khan, who has the image of ‘Playboy’, saying that the PTI government also taxed condoms which was not expected from a ‘Khiladi’.

Bilawal said, “Taxes have also been imposed on contraceptives (condoms). Now a player like Imran was not expected to tax contraceptives. He said that the population explosion that is happening in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, neither we can make arrangements for their food, education, employment. Contraception is being promoted all over the world and Pakistan is taxing it. There is a crisis of HIV and AIDS in the country which is not being detected in our media and in the country. Many cases were reported in a city in Pakistan.

Imran Khan famous for his ‘Playboy’ image
He said that this is a serious issue in many parts of the country, yet condoms are being taxed. Let us tell you that in personal life, Imran Khan has been famous for his ‘playboy’ image before becoming the Prime Minister. Imran has officially done 4 marriages but he has had relationships with many women. On the statement of rape given by Imran Khan in the past, Pakistani-origin writer Tariq Fatah said, ‘Meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan, who has done countless sexual acts with women around the world, is currently with his fourth wife. He is promoting burqa to protect his countrymen from raping women.

Not only this, pictures of Imran’s colorful life as a cricketer have also become viral on social media. In these pictures, Imran Khan is seen kissing with foreign women. Not only this, many women have worn very little clothes. Earlier, Pakistani TV host Ali Salim (Begum Nawazish) has claimed that American woman Cynthia D Ritchie once told her that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to have sex with her (Cynthia).

‘Cynthia told about Imran Khan’s offer’
Salim claims that he was once very close to Cynthia and has also lived in a room together. During this, Cynthia told him about Imran Khan’s offer. Earlier, Scindia had accused Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Rehman Malik of rape. After this there was an earthquake in the politics of Pakistan. However, the PPP had termed this allegation of Cynthia as baseless and shameful. Cynthia claims herself to be a Pakistan lover, adventurer, filmmaker. She lives in Islamabad for a long time. They are believed to have the protection of the ISI.


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