bite mark on shark: See Mysterious bite marks on shark’s body

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  • Mysterious bite marks found on shark’s body in Mexico
  • Azerbaijan’s photographer captured a wonderful picture in the camera
  • This picture became a topic of discussion in social media, experts told the reason

A picture of the Great White Shark, a dangerous predator of the sea, is in great discussion these days. Teeth-like marks have been seen on the body of this shark. This picture of a shark was captured by famous photographer Jalil Najafov on camera in the Gulf of Mexico. Najafov is a filmmaker by profession and works for the conservation of sharks. He has shared this picture on his Instagram account.

photo taken off the coast of mexico
According to the CNN report, Najafov told that he was taking shots off the coast of Mexico with some of his friends. Then he saw a pair of great white sharks swimming near his boat. He said that it was thrilling to see the shark moving so close to the boat, but later we noticed that it had strange bite marks on its body. He said I was really surprised because I’ve never seen anything like this in my life

Najafov shared the picture on Instagram
Azerbaijan-born shark conservationist and filmmaker Najafov himself jumped into the water to take a close-up photo of the shark. He went very close and took pictures of sharks with the help of his GoPro7 waterproof camera. He shared these pictures for the first time on his Instagram account in December last year. Najafov said that after coming home from Mexico, his memory card was lost somewhere, which he found after much effort.

This picture became the subject of discussion on social media
He said that I have been working on documentaries related to sharks and sharks for the last several years. I have a lot of experience about this place and the sharks. He confessed that I have never seen such a big and strange mark on any shark in my whole life. There was a flood of comments as soon as he shared this picture on his Instagram. People termed it as a mark made by a fellow shark’s bite at the time of having a relationship.

Expert told the ‘truth’ of the picture
At the same time, Dr. Tristan Gutridge, a famous scientist and host of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week program, has rejected this notion of the people. He said that this mark was not made during the mating of the shark. He said that it was during another shark attack on the shark. Michael Domier, another expert and head of the Marine Conservation Science Institute, also admitted that it was the mark of another shark attack during the competition.


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