Blasphemy in Pakistan: Pakistan Blasphemy News : Tweet Claims Students Of Pakistani Mosque Is Trained To Behead Accused Of Blasphemy

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The matter of blasphemy in Pakistan is in discussion all over the world these days. Recently, a Sri Lankan citizen was thrashed to death in Sialkot, Pakistan by a mob of fundamentalists and the body was set on fire. Now a disturbing video has emerged from Pakistan which is purportedly exposing the violent and chaotic face of Pakistan when it comes to blasphemy. This video is being told of Lal Masjid of Islamabad.

The video has been tweeted by Pakistani journalist and social activist Gul Bukhari. Along with the video, he claimed, ‘Students of Lal Masjid in Islamabad are practicing beheading a person accused of blasphemy. Pakistan’s ‘Kaamyaab Jawan’ (Successful Youth) project is progressing well. Hundreds of girls and women are seen in religious clothes in the video. In front of the girls, women are seen beheading an effigy with a sword.

Immanuel Macron’s photo
‘Kaamyaab Jawan’ is a scheme of the Government of Pakistan which is said to promote education, employment and engagement for the youth. In the second part of the video, several girl students are lined up in religious clothes and shouting slogans. A picture is seen in the hand of one of these girls, whose face is soot. If you look carefully, it looks like a picture of French President Emmanuel Macron. In fact, there has been a demand from the fundamentalists to send back the French ambassador from Pakistan for a long time.
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Can get death sentence in Pakistan for blasphemy
There is a very strict law in Pakistan for defaming Islam and there is also a provision of death penalty in it. Human rights activists say these laws are often used to fuel personal enmity. A US government advisory panel report says that Pakistan has the most blasphemy laws in use of any country in the world.


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