Bogong Moth Australia News: Bogong Moth Among 124 Australian additions to Endangered Species List By IUCN

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  • Australia’s bogong moths fight for survival
  • The group of these kites sometimes covered the moon in the sky.
  • Bogong included in the list of globally threatened species

Bogong moths, which have been present on Australian soil for thousands of years, are now fighting a war for survival. Sometimes a huge group of these kites covered the sky in such a way that even the moon was lost. These bogong moths have been included in the list of globally threatened species. Their numbers have declined significantly in recent years, leaving very few of them now.

This list, created by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, has now been updated and includes 124 endangered wildlife of Australia. These kites once covered the Parliament House located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Scientist Marissa Parrot said that the decrease in the number of bogong is a warning for Australia. Scientists said that the number of bogong moths has been declining since the 1980s.
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Fossils of two thousand-year-old Bogong moths were found from the cave
Parrot monitors these kites in Australia and has a website. It was started two years ago to map the migration of bogong kites. Also, the change in their population can be detected. Prior to this, bogong moths were found in large numbers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and southern Australia. Some time before a cave in Victoria, the fossils of two thousand-year-old bogong moths have been found.

Marissa Parrot said, ‘It is a really big step for the beautiful bongong moth to be included in the list of threatened creatures. This is a very sad occasion indeed because this creature is part of the identity of Australia. People used to remember it from their childhood because its swarm once covered the moon also, now it is included in the list of endangered creatures. Other creatures that have been included in this list include the creatures of Kangaroo Island which were victims of fire in the year 2019-20.


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