Boris Johnson Breaks Lockdown : British Prime Minister Johnson Accused Of Violating Lockdown By Attending Garden Party In 2020

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing allegations that he and his staff broke the rules of the coronavirus lockdown by hosting a garden party in 2020 while British citizens were not allowed out of their homes. Opposition leaders have called for a police investigation after ITV channel published a leaked email invitation to a ‘socially distanced drinks’ event in the garden of the Prime Minister’s Downing Street office and residence in May 2020.

The mail was sent to several people on behalf of Martin Reynolds, the private secretary to the prime minister. The date of the event is mentioned as May 20, 2020. The same day, in a televised press conference, the government reminded people that they could only meet one person outside their home. The City of London Police published the rules on the same day. Britain’s first lockdown, which began in March 2020, prohibited gatherings except for a few occasions, including workplaces and funerals.
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There have been allegations of violation of rules on the government
Johnson’s Conservative government has been repeatedly accused of disobeying rules it has applied to others. The latest claims will be investigated by senior public servant Sue Grey, who was also appointed by the government to investigate earlier allegations that Johnson’s office workers broke coronavirus rules by hosting Christmas parties while breaking the lockdown in 2020.

Accused of attending garden party with wife
Johnson has said that he personally did not break any rules. But the BBC and other media outlets reported on Tuesday that the prime minister and his wife, Carrie Johnson, had attended a May 2020 Garden Party. Health Minister Edward Arger said he could understand why people would be outraged, but he would not assess the results of Gray’s test in advance. Labor MP Ed Miliband said the allegations were serious and Johnson should clarify whether he had joined the party.


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