boris johnson dance video: Watch Video of Boris Johnson Rocking the Floor Goes Viral

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  • British PM Boris Johnson’s dance video goes viral
  • Have apologized for breaking Corona rules during lockdown
  • Johnson may have to resign as PM due to controversy

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be embroiled in controversies regarding the party organized during the Kovid lockdown in 2020. He has apologised, but the controversy does not seem to end. He had said that some things were not taken properly by his government. Now these days the video of Boris Johnson’s dance is becoming very viral on social media. In this, he is seen dancing on the dance floor with a woman holding a glass in his hand.

British PM seen dancing with woman
Twitter users are terming the woman seen with the British PM in this video as the then Speaker of the London Assembly. However, their existence could not be confirmed officially or from any authorized source. The video was posted on Instagram by a user named Glenn Kitson. After which it is becoming increasingly viral on other social media platforms.

When is the video? not found
It is not yet clear when this video was shot. However, many users claim that the footage is from one of the infamous parties, which were organized during the coronavirus lockdown. PM Johnson is on target of his own party including the opposition regarding these parties. It is believed that he may even have to resign in the coming time.

PM Johnson has made a public apology
Johnson admitted for the first time on Wednesday that he was at the Garden Party in May 2020. However, Johnson said he considered it a work-related event. He told MPs in the House of Commons that I want to apologise. It was not right about the future, I should have sent back everyone present in the party.

Whoever drank a little, why there is a ruckus .. what did British PM Boris Johnson do?
Corona guideline was violated
According to reports, Johnson broke the rules of the country’s COVID-19 lockdown by attending a garden party with his wife, Carrie. It has come to light that invitations have been sent by email to about 100 people for the party. The mail was reportedly sent to several people on behalf of Johnson’s principal private secretary, Martin Reynolds. However, at that time to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 in the country, there was a rule for people to organize only in their homes or to meet a person from another house.


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