boycotts Beijing Olympics: China threatens countermeasures if US boycotts Beijing Olympics 2022 Winter: China threatens retaliation for US boycott of Beijing Olympics

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  • US may boycott Winter Olympics to be held in China in 2022
  • China reacted sharply to the boycott statement, said – we have not even called
  • China said – if America does this, it will be a politically provocative action

China threatened on Monday that the United States would take concrete retaliation if it did a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing in February. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that if the US did this, it would be a politically provocative action. He did not disclose how China would retaliate.

Biden had hinted at boycotting the Winter Olympics
US President Joe Biden has said he is considering a boycott that would allow American players to participate in the Games. An announcement regarding this will be made this week. Supporters of the move say it is the right decision given China’s poor human rights record. He says China is using these games to cover up the ill-treatment of human rights activists, political opponents and native minorities.

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America is talking about boycott uninvited
Zhao told the press briefing that uninvited US politicians are talking about a so-called political boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. If America does this, we will also take concrete retaliation. Winter Olympics is going to start in China from 4th February 2022. Its main event will be held at the National Stadium in Beijing. This Winter Olympics will conclude on 20 February 2022.

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First city to host both Olympics
Earlier, China has also organized the Summer Olympics in 2008. In this way, Beijing is going to be the first and only city in the world where the Summer and Winter Olympics will be held. A budget of $3.9 billion has been earmarked for hosting the Winter Olympics, compared to $43 billion spent during the 2008 Summer Olympics.


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