boyfriend lifted eyelids of girlfriend: Boyfriend stole 150000 yuan by lifted his girlfriend eyelids to unlock Phone facial recognition: boyfriend in China stole 150000 yuan by lifting girlfriend’s eyelids

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  • Boyfriend stole money by unlocking his girlfriend’s phone in China
  • First unlocked the phone with fingerprint and app with facial recognition
  • Alipay payment app stole 150,000 yuan from girlfriend’s account

In China, a man has been jailed for three years for stealing 18,000 pounds (Rs 18 lakh) via phone by lifting his girlfriend’s eyelids while sleeping. This man’s girlfriend had activated facial recognition on her phone. In such a situation, while she was sleeping, the boyfriend secretly picked up his girlfriend’s eyelids and unlocked the phone. He then stole about £18000 from his girlfriend’s bank accounts to unlock the apps.

Court sentenced boyfriend to 3 years
The court has named Huang, keeping the identity of the 28-year-old boyfriend, who was sentenced to three years in prison. It was reported that the boyfriend in Nanning city waited for his girlfriend to sleep before unlocking the Huawei phone. He later stole the money by unlocking his girlfriend’s fingerprint and facial recognition. The Chinese court has called it a betrayal.

Open the phone with fingerprint and app with facial recognition
According to The Times report, the court document states that Huang tried to open the Alipay mobile payment platform app after unlocking the phone with his fingerprint. But, the girlfriend had locked this app from the facial recognition system. After which Huang opened the Alipay app by lifting his girlfriend’s eyelids while sleeping.

Transferred more than 150,000 yuan
Huang later changed his girlfriend’s password for the Alipay app and transferred more than 150,000 yuan from her bank accounts. The victim has been identified as Dong in the family name. Dong met her boyfriend Huang in December last year. After which the round of meetings between the two started increasing. The boyfriend made up his mind to rob Dong after seeing her bank balance.

boyfriend addicted to gambling
Huang had mixed drugs into his girlfriend’s food before opening the Alipay app by lifting her eyelids. After eating this, the girlfriend had a deep sleep. Huang was also addicted to gambling, due to which he was in debt of millions of rupees. After stealing money from the account, the girlfriend had written a police report against Huang, who was later arrested.

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