British Couple Pays ULEZ Fine Every Time When They Left Out Their Driveway

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A couple in the UK has found it difficult to move out of the house. Whenever the husband and wife move out of their house, they have to pay a ULEZ fine of 12.50 pounds i.e. 1248 rupees. They are extremely unhappy and annoyed with this arrangement because till now they have paid the fine many times. In fact, the house of George and Vera Dowler is located on the ‘low emission zone’ border in Altham. This means they have to pay a cash fine whenever they cross the traffic light near their home in their old cars.

ULEZ expanded last month. The ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) set up in London is an area where fines have to be paid for driving ‘highly polluting vehicles’. Because of this, George has been forced to spend £40,000 on a new car. While his wife Vera has confined their old vehicles, which do not meet ULEZ standards.
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40,000 pounds had to be spent because of the minister
George and his wife have been living in their home in South East London for 32 years. When the rules regarding ULEZ changed, his house came to its limits. George said that because of Sadiq Khan, I have spent about £40,000 in motors. I had to buy a car and pay £7000 for a new van. He said that I have a van which is completely perfect and can cover 5000 miles in a year. Yet a van that meets this emissions can travel 100,000 miles a year more. So who is polluting the air more, me or him?

‘What is the difference in the air on either side of the traffic light?’
George said it was all about the money. People are still using their old vehicles so the air will stay the same so it’s just about the money. What is the difference between the air here and the air on the other side of the traffic light? He told that I have grown up amidst smoke like thousands of people. I am 72 years old and still fit. Certainly it is not about the air but about the food.


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