british warship collided with russian submarine: British warship collided with Russian Hunter-Killer Submarine

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  • British warship and Russian submarine collide in the Arctic Ocean
  • The entire incident was caught on camera during the shooting of a TV show
  • Russia dismissed the claim of the British Defense Ministry as baseless

A British warship has collided with Russia’s ‘Hunter Killer’ submarine amid ongoing tensions with Ukraine. This incident is being told of the North Atlantic Ocean. The area is regularly patrolled by the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet. Due to which the navies of many countries, including Britain, under the leadership of America, have made their active presence in this area. The British Defense Ministry has also confirmed this collision, but Russia has rejected the allegation as baseless.

British Defense Ministry confirmed
The British Defense Ministry reported that a Russian “hunter-killer” submarine has collided with a Royal Navy warship. The warship was on a patrol mission in the North Atlantic a few years back. A British Navy spokesman said the HMS Northumberland frigate (Type 23 frigate) had been pursuing a Russian submarine since late 2020. He explained that the Royal Navy regularly tracks foreign ships and submarines to ensure the safety of the United Kingdom.

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Incident came to light during the shooting of the TV show
This whole matter has been revealed after a video of Channel 5 TV. Actually this British channel was shooting the show “Warship: Life at Sea” aboard the Royal Navy warship HMS Northumberland. During this, the entire crew of the warship was engaged in the search for a Russian submarine nearby in the Arctic Ocean. Meanwhile, a crew member of HMS Northumberland is heard shouting whether we have hit a Russian submarine.

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The crew of the warship said – we hit the submarine
The footage also shows the warship’s commander, Thom Hobbs, saying that his ship was “very close to the submarine” and that “if they were on the surface we would certainly see faces”. British media The Sun, citing an unnamed Royal Navy source, said the warship’s sonar device was badly damaged by the collision. At the same time, due to this incident, the Russian submarine must have suffered heavy losses.

Russian submarines orbiting near Britain
The source described the confrontation between the UK and Russian navies as a “million-to-one chance event”. They claimed that the accident must have occurred 200 miles (321 km) north of Scotland. Last year, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace warned that Russian submarines were reportedly circling the entire UK coastline.

hms northumberland

HMS Northumberland Battleship


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