Bullfrog Swallow Snake: Indonesia Bullfrog Uses Its Front Feet To Stuff Snake Into Its Mouth & Swallow It Whole

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  • A surprising picture of a frog has surfaced from Indonesia
  • In this picture a giant frog is swallowing a live snake
  • This frog overcame the snake with the help of its front leg

Everyone knows the enmity of snake and frog. Snakes often swallow frogs in India during the rainy season and it is very difficult for frogs to escape from their clutches. Meanwhile, a shocking picture of a frog has surfaced from the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia, in which the frog is swallowing a live snake. It is being told that this giant frog overcame the snake with the help of its front leg and swallowed it.

According to the report of The Sun, this frog slowly approached the snake while sliding and controlled it through its legs. After this the frog started swallowing the snake. This amazing incident has been captured by photographer Lisdiyanto Suhardjo in his camera. He took this picture in a village near Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. “These bullfrogs can catch anything that passes by,” says Lisdianto, a father of two.
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Saw a bullfrog eating a rat
Lisdianto said, ‘The snake child had no idea that this frog-like danger was with him. The frog caught the baby snake and swallowed it alive. He said that it was good for him to capture this rare incident related to the natural food chain on his camera. Lisdianto said he had previously seen a bullfrog catch a rat and eat it.

Let us tell you that the World Wide Fund (WWF), a well-known organization working for the global environment and animals, has warned the world that in the next decade, the earth is heading towards the biggest destruction after the extinction of dinosaurs. Crores of trees and animals will become extinct in this. Creatures most threatened include elephants, polar bears, sharks, frogs and fish. The number of such creatures is 10 lakhs.

Threat of extinction of 40 thousand species
WWF has released its winners and losers report for the year 2021. It has been said in this report, ‘About one million creatures will become extinct in the next decade. This is going to be the biggest destruction after the great destruction in the dinosaur era. At present, 142,500 species are included in the Red List of Required Conservation and out of this 40,000 species are in danger of extinction.


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