Cats In South Korea : South Korea Fire Department Warns To Pet Owners As Cats Are Moderately Responsible For House Fires Burnt 100 Houses

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Pet owners in South Korea have been warned by fire officials to keep their animals under close surveillance. The warning comes because cats have been cited as the cause of fires in more than 100 homes in the past three years. The department has also given instructions on how fire accidents can be prevented. The Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Department said in a statement on Thursday that cats caused fires in about 107 homes between the period January 2019 and November 2021.

According to a CNN report, the department says that most of the fires caused by switching on the electric stove are caused by cats. These stoves have touch-sensitive buttons and catch fire when they overheat. They are easily turned on by jumping on the cats buttons. Chung Gyo-chul, a department official, said incidents of cat-related fires continued. He said that we advise families with pets to be extra cautious as the fire can spread widely if no one is home.
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Keep burning things away from the stove
The department has specifically advised cat owners to take precautions to keep flammable items, such as paper or towels, away from the stove. It is recommended to use an electric stove with automatic lock function to reduce the risk of fire. According to reports, the incidents of house fires caused by pets are increasing in Seoul. Between January-September 2019, 31 fire incidents were reported, most of which were attributed to cats.

Pets burn 1000 homes in America
The department said that many people have been injured so far due to the fire caused by cats. In most cases, it has been seen that fire accidents caused by cats occurred when they were not owned by the houses. Domestic fires caused by pets are not just a problem in South Korea. In America too, every year about 1000 homes that come under fire are victims of this accident due to pets. Officials have advised to keep cats especially away from the kitchen.


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