Chiense honey trap: Mi5, FBI Warning About Chinese Spy Trying to Corrupt Politicians in US and UK

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  • Contact of Chinese spy with many MPs in Britain caused panic
  • Intelligence agency MI5 busted, has donated to many parties
  • Chinese spies gathering intelligence through honeytrap in America too

China, entangled with countries around the world, is now engaged in gathering intelligence through honeytrap. Chinese spies are trapping top level officials in many countries including America, Britain, France, Netherlands. These spies obtain intelligence related to the country from the authorities through money and sex and send it to their handlers in China. Recently, a similar Chinese spy has been busted in Britain, who used to get intelligence by giving large amounts of donations to top level parliamentarians and parties. Earlier, a similar Chinese spy was found in America as well.

British intelligence agency busted
British intelligence agency MI5 has informed the UK Parliament that this Chinese spy has close links with many politicians. This includes many MPs from Britain’s top opposition Labor Party. This agent has also donated crores of rupees to the Labor Party in the last several years. The Chinese spy has been identified as Christine Li, a Chinese citizen. She is a lawyer by profession and is closely associated with the Chinese Embassy in London. British security agencies had been keeping an eye on Christine Lee for a long time. However, he has not been arrested yet.

Many British MPs caught in the trap of Chinese female spy? Sensation from intelligence agency MI5 alert
was giving donations to British leaders and parties
The Parliamentary Security Team of the Speaker of the British Parliament has sent a warning message to all MPs and colleagues in Westminster today. It said that Christine Li was deliberately engaging in activities of political interference on behalf of the United Front Affairs Department of the Communist Party of China. The speaker has made it clear that at present, no politician in Britain is suspected to be involved in any criminal cases. Christine Lee is a London-based lawyer. She has also been the former Chief Legal Adviser to the Chinese Embassy in London. She is currently the Legal Adviser to the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs. She is also the secretary of the Inter-Party China Group in Westminster.

Chinese spies are also trapping American leaders
Last year, a female Chinese spy was busted in America. She was spying in America for the last four years. However, even before the secret was revealed, she had left America and fled to China. The Chinese spy, who was living in the US as a foreign student, was also claimed to have had physical relations with several politicians. Apart from an American mayor, a senior leader of Joe Biden’s Democratic Party was also trapped in this spy trap.

Who is the British MP Padmashree Barry Gardiner who has been accused of taking money from a Chinese spy
Had physical relations with American leader, was funded
According to the report of The Sun, the name of this female spy of China was Christine Fang. It was also known as Phang Phang. This spy had trapped many American politicians in his trap by becoming a student in America for four years. It also includes Eric Swalwell, a Democratic lawmaker and a member of the US Senate Intelligence Committee. There are also allegations that Swalwell and Christine had a physical relationship. However, the US lawmaker has never publicly acknowledged mutual relations.

had escaped from America even before being caught
In 2014, Chinese spy Christine Fang funded the election of Eric Swalwell. Actually Eric was blown away by her fund raising campaign, massive reach, beauty. After which there was a lot of closeness between these two. But, when the US intelligence agency FBI informed Eric that he was a Chinese spy, they distanced themselves from Christine. In 2015, the FBI got information about Christine Fang. After which the FBI also laid a trap to catch him red handed. But, Christine, who specializes in her work, had already foreseen the tricks of the American intelligence agency and fled the country. It is said that many American politicians had a hand in getting him absconding from America.

How do Chinese spies work?
Chinese spies make a lot of use of social media to trap honeytraps. Through this, they establish contact with American politicians and officials. He said that Fang Fang or Christine Fang was also sent by the Ministry of State Security of China to spy in America. He said that I can say with confidence that there are still a large number of Chinese spies operating in America, who are trying to implicate high officials and politicians in their honey-traps here. Former US intelligence agency CIA officer Daniel Hoffman said in an interview given to Fox News that hundreds of thousands of honeytrap spies from China are active in our country. These spies work to transmit secret information to China.


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