Child rapists in Russia will be sent to arctic jail under new laws

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  • People angry over rape after kidnapping of five-year-old girl in Russia
  • Demand for law to get strict punishment for the culprits of raping children
  • A leader close to Putin talked about making new laws

Russia has announced to enact strict laws in view of the increasing incidents of rape of children in the country. According to this law, now habitual rapists will be sent to a prison built in a cold and deserted place in the Arctic. The Russian parliament is going to approve new sex offense laws this month. After which this law will be signed by President Vladimir Putin.

The speaker of the Russian parliament said that demons who sexually abuse children will have to serve their sentences in hard labor penal colonies in the Arctic. They can also be used to work in the Siberian mines there. The Putin administration is under heavy pressure to make Russia’s child rape laws stricter.

Ruckus over murder after child rape
A five-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Russia this week after she was kidnapped. The girl was kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend of her mother with the help of one of his companions. Then he raped and killed the innocent. Protests have been held all over Russia regarding this incident. People demand that the government should implement strict laws against such criminals.

According to the report, the five-year-old was playing near her mother’s work place in Kostroma, Russia. From there her ex-boyfriend kidnapped the girl. The entire incident was captured on CCTV. The crowd standing around in this also did not help in saving the girl. His body was later found in a bag. After which the police arrested the accused.

Leader close to Putin said – will make strict laws
Both the accused have confessed to the murder of the girl. Parliamentary Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, a close aide of Vladimir Putin, said rape and murder of the girl was a serious crime. This shows that we need to tighten the laws further. He said that among those taken into custody is also a former convicted criminal.


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