Chile Presidential Election Gabriel Boric Wins: Leftist Gabriel Boric Wins Chile Presidential Election Defeat José Antonio Kast

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  • Left wing Gabriel Borish wins 56 percent of votes in Chile’s presidential election
  • He registered a historic victory by defeating right-wing leader Jose Antonio
  • Gabriel worked hard to form an inclusive government to tackle poverty

In Chile, left-wing Gabriel Borish won 56 percent of the vote in the presidential election, defeating right-wing leader Jose Antonio. Grabiel has worked for months to form a youth-led inclusive government to tackle inequality and poverty. He says inequality and poverty are the unacceptable weak points of a free market model imposed by the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet decades ago.

This hard work paid off and on Sunday, he won a unilateral victory in the presidential election by securing 56 percent of the votes. This is the most support any leader has received since voting became mandatory in 2012. At the age of 35, he is the youngest leader to win the Chilean presidential election. Grabiel reached a stage amid a huge crowd of supporters and from there he delivered an encouraging victory speech to thousands of young supporters in the indigenous ‘Mapuche’ language.

‘Justice for the rich and the poor will continue’
“We are a generation that has grown up in public life and demands that our rights be respected as rights and not as goods or business,” Boris said. We know that justice for the rich and the poor will continue… and now we will ensure that the Chilean poor do not have to pay the price for inequality. He also exhorted Chilean women and promised that they would play a leading role in his government, helping to ‘perpetually leave behind all the patriarchal thinking of society’.

At the same time, Jose accepted his defeat soon after the results were clear and called Gabriel to congratulate him on the victory. After this he himself went to the headquarters associated with the campaigning work of Gabriel and also met his opponent. Meanwhile, outgoing President Sebastian Pinyera held a video conference with Gabriel and assured his government’s full cooperation during the transfer of power.


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