China and Russia to establish joint moon base: China and Russia to establish joint moon base: China and Russia to establish joint moon base

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  • China and Russia to set up joint base on Moon by 2027
  • America’s tension in space likely to increase, NASA’s projects in danger
  • China has established its own space station only last year

China and Russia are set to establish a joint base on the Moon by 2027. The International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) was earlier planned to be built by 2035. It is being seen as a direct challenge for America in space. China activated its first space station in space only last year. Russia is also planning to launch its space station by 2030.

What will Russia-China do at the Joint Moon Base?
From this joint moon base, many scientific activities such as exploration on the moon, research on the moon, experiments and technology verification will be done. China is planning to launch the Chang’e 8 Lunar Exploration Mission as the first phase of the establishment of the ILRS. Through this mission, the local resources on the Moon and the technology related to the manufacture of 3D printing will be tested.

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China’s two missions to the moon active
China’s Chang’e 4 lander and Yutu 2 rover are currently active on the Moon. They are investigating the crater present in the dark area of ​​​​the Moon. In this, Chang’e 4 is making discoveries related to life on the Moon. It looks at how the seeds of silkworms, potatoes and Arabidopsis (a small flowering plant) grow under the Moon’s gravity. At the same time, the Yutu-2 rover is exploring the von Karmann crater.

China going to compete with America’s ISS in space, rocket launched on its new space station
Being seen as a boycott of America
China and Russia’s plan for a joint moon base is being seen as a boycott and reaction to America’s Artemis Accord project. Its purpose is to establish principles, guidelines, and proper rules and regulations for space exploration for the United States and its partner countries. The US also wants to establish human settlements on the Moon through the Artemis program.

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America has imposed sanctions on China
The US has banned joint projects with China in space through the Wolf Amendment. This amendment was passed by the US Congress in 2011. Under this, without the approval of Parliament, NASA and China cannot run any plan in space together. As a result, China is forced to be self-reliant in its space program.


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